New project promoting inventive smart grids with locally produced solar electricity

Within the European ERA Net Smart Grids Plus Program, a new project was started in April 2016. SOLARCHARGE 2020 is a project where the combined use of electric vehicles and Photovoltaic power creates a potential to greatly reduce CO2 emissions, impacting both grid and transport sectors.

A key feature of the project is the coupling of intermittent and decentralised solar production to storage and consumption by Electric Vehicles – EVs. This can be achieved by using a novel business model for solar charging based on smart meters connecting solar power producers and consumers via a Solar Bank.

Solarcharge 2020 - Increased Self-Consumption of Photovoltaic Power for Electric Vehicle Charging into Virtual Networks, supported by the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 Energy Agency in Sweden and the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate. Funds have been allocated via the ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus, an initiative between the 21 Member States and regions in the EU. The project is also supported by KIC InnoEnergy Sweden.